Dec 27, 2013

Tutorial: Adding a penis texture to a skin (Sims 3)

What this tutorial will do: Tell you how to modify an existing Sims 3 skin to add a penis texture.

What this tutorial will NOT do: Give detailed instructions in how to use an  image editor. It's assumed you know how to select an area in an image and do a copy and paste. It will also not tell you how to install the software you need or how to resolve problems running it.


Tools and resources you'll need:

  • An image editor that can handle DDS image files, such as GIMP (free), Photoshop (expensive), or Paint.NET (free)
  • The appropriate plugin for DDS images for your image editor if necessary:
The instructions and images below will use GIMP since that's what I use, but the process is the same in Photoshop or Paint.NET.

Gotten your image editor installed and the DDS plugin added and working, if necessary? Good! Got S3PE installed and working? Great - let's get started!

First, open the package of the skin with the penis texture you want to use. If you've installed S3PE correctly you should be able to just double-click the package. Otherwise, run S3PE and use File / Open. In the bottom section of the S3PE window you'll see "Display: [ ] Names [ ] Tags". Make sure both are checked. You'll see a list of package resources, some of which have "_IMG" in the Tag column. Click on these until you find one with the penis texture you want:

With the image file you want highlighted, either right-click or click the Resource menu, then select Export / To File. Save the image file where you can find it, preferably in a work folder. If necessary, give it a more meaningful name. There are both light (pink) and dark (greenish) textures - you'll have to do them both.

Now, open the package of the skin you want to add the penis texture to. Find the skin texture image you have to change - usually the adult male texture, but maybe also the adult female texture. Note that the same adult body texture is used for teens, YA, adults, and elders for each gender. Locate the textures that you want to modify and extract them the same way as above.

Now open both textures in your image editor. (I'm using Hysterical Paroxysm's Increased Texture Detail skin as an example to add a penis texture to.)  UNCHECK the option to load MipMaps. I'll show the process for the light textures, but it's the same for the dark.

You can see the part of the source texture that you need to copy. The one on the lower left is for Map1 of the morphing penis and for DBCABs penis. The one on the lower right is for Map2 of the morphing penis and for BloomsBase's penises. You can copy one or both depending on what mods you use.

Select the penis part of the source texture, copy, and paste into the target texture. Position the pasted layer exactly the same as in the source. If you're adding a penis texture to a female skin, it goes in exactly the same place.

Repeat for the other penis location, if necessary. Then anchor the pasted layers in whatever way your image editor uses - in GIMP you can just click on any other part of the image. In other editors you may have to flatten the image.

Save the target image. In GIMP you have to export it; in Photoshop you have to Save As, and I don't know what Paint.NET does. For Compression, choose DXT5. It may be called BC3/DXT5. In Photoshop it may be called Interpolated Alpha (DXT5) or something similar. Check the option to Generate MipMaps.

Repeat for the dark skin textures, for female skin textures, etc.

When you're all done editing the skin textures, open the target package again in S3PE (if you closed it). Find the same textures you extracted earlier and highlight each one. Right-click or click the Resources menu and select Replace:

Find and select the texture you added the penis to and the image in the package will be updated:

When you've replaced all the images you modified, save the package, close S3PE, install the modified skin package in your game, and enjoy!


  1. Where did you get the penis texture you used in this tutorial?

    1. It's from my EA Details skin. I originally got the image from a picture found on the Internet - I don't remember where.

  2. Do I need this to have a penis in sims 3 or you have already made a download somewhere
    because my sim is naked but doesn't have a penis but there is the icon with the penis in ears section and for the morphing . did I fergot to download something ?

    1. Make sure you installed the mesh packages - those are the actual penis.

    2. I have my S3PE downloaded. and it is empty.. I looked at the run S3PE and use File / Open and I didn't know what I was supose to find... and in the bottom section of the S3PE window I did the "Display: [ ] Names [ ] Tags".and both are checked. but I dont see any list of package resources... :( and where do I find that mesh package ? Thank you for you time and help.

    3. The mesh packages have nothing to do with this. You need to get them from the penis mod. These instructions are strictly for adding a penis texture to the sim skin - an image that makes it look more like a realistic penis instead of being blank skin color. In order to do this you'll need a sim skin package to modify and another sim skin package to use as a source for the penis texture. You can use my EAdetails skin for the source but you'll have to find a skin you like and want to modify on your own.

      This is really meant for people who have the penis mod working and have a non-adult skin they like and want to add the penis detailing to.

  3. Hi there. Sorry to bother you but I've gotten so far as exporting the pink and green skin textures I want to use and a skin that has a penis texture. How would I go about opening those files in the image editor, so that I mat continue the rest of the steps? I'm still a beginner when it comes to using software. Even tho you wrote this out clearly and set it up neatly, I'm still having a hard time.

    1. Make sure your image editor has the correct DDS plugin installed (if necessary), then run the editor, do File / Open, and select the skin image.

  4. Hi there. Would you be able to link us to a variety of penis textures, please? I was able to pull off adding a penis texture to a skin I like and we all would be very grateful to you if you could help us with some textures that you know of or use yourself.