Jul 14, 2017

Sims 4 Morphing Anatomy Mod (beta)

This set of mods replaces all of my previous Sims 4 penis and nipple shape mods. Please read all instructions carefully. If you need to report a problem, please be as detailed as possible (does it show in CAS, in game, when showering, is the rest of the bottom there, etc.) and say whether you've gone through the installation instructions, the troubleshooting instructions, and if possible upload a list of all your mods and custom content. Saying only some variation of "It doesn't work" won't get an answer. Sorry but it's time and energy-consuming to have to ask repeatedly for information, not to mention Blogger limits how many posts are visible on the page. 

Since custom morphs are very new in TS4 and this is a fairly complex mod considering the complications of gender flexibility, and the fact that so many people had problems with my previous Anatomy Mod, I'm considering this a beta. On the other hand, using morphs instead of multiple meshes and options has allowed some simplification and reduction in the number of packages,  and eliminated a possible cause of the wrong bottom showing up, so I hope this works better!

Instructions and downloads:

Select and install ONE male bottom package:

  • cmar_MorphingPenisMaleCut - Gives all males a circumcised penis by default. The penis for individual sims can be changed to uncircumcised using a preset. Enables the nude male bottom to be seen when clothing is removed in CAS. Includes body type presets for circumcised and uncircumcised. In feminine frame includes a preset for no penis.
  • cmar_MorphingPenisMaleUncut - Gives all males an uncircumcised penis by default. The penis for individual sims can changed to circumcised using a preset. Enables the nude male bottom to be seen when clothing is removed in CAS. Includes body type presets for circumcised and uncircumcised. In feminine frame includes a preset for no penis.

Install the female nipple top if you want the nipple shape:

  • cmar_NippleTopFemale - Gives the nipple shape only. For nipple color you need a custom adult skin. Enables the nude female top to be seen when clothing is removed in CAS.

Select and install ONE female bottom package:

  • cmar_NudeBottomFemale - Enables the nude female bottom to be seen when clothing is removed in CAS, prevents the female bottom mesh from being used for males. 
  • cmar_MorphingPenisFemale - By default females have no penis, but can be given one  (circumcised or uncircumcised) by using a preset. Enables the nude female bottom to be seen when clothing is removed in CAS, prevents the female bottom mesh from being used for males. Includes body type presets for circumcised, uncircumcised, and no penis in both frames.

Install the penis slider:

  • cmar_MorphingPenisSliders - Adds penis sliders for all genders / frames. The penis sliders are available on the hips from the side view. Side-to-side controls size, up-down controls erection.

Optional - If you're getting the salmon (female) or black (male) EA underwear in CAS when you take the sim's clothes off, try these underwear removers. If you have custom clothing that's showing up when you take the sim's clothes off, you'll have to figure out what package(s) they are and remove or correct them.

Using the hip slider for penis morphs:

Penis presets:


The problem of the male penis being squashed when the thighs are made big has been fixed.

If you get distortion when switching genders or frames, clicking on a penis preset should correct it.

These will NOT show up in CAS as clothing items. If you want to have your sim nude in Everyday, Sleep, or whatever, just go to the outfit category you want and remove the sim's clothing, and save. Remove clothing by clicking the 'X' for the Tops, Bottoms, or Outfit category.


Make ABSOLUTELY SURE you've removed all of the following outdated mods:
  • cmar_female_NudeinCAS
  • cmar_male_NudeinCAS
  • cmar_female_NudeinCASV2
  • cmar_male_NudeinCASV2
  • cmar_ymBottomNudePenisNoCAS
  • cmar_ymBottomNudePenisCASv3
  • cmar_yfTopNipples
  • cmar_MaleBottomPenis_NoCAS_Patched
  • cmar_MaleBottomPenis_NudeInCAS_Patched
  • cmar_FemaleTopNipples_NoCAS_Patched
  • cmar_FemaleBottomMaleFramePenis_NoCAS_Patched
  • cmar_MaleBottomBarbie_NudeinCAS_Patched
  • cmar_FemaleTopNipples_NudeInCAS_Patched
  • cmar_FemaleTopBarbie_NudeInCAS_Patched
  • cmar_FemaleBottomMaleFramePenis_NudeInCAS_Patched
  • cmar_FemaleBottom_NudeInCAS_Patched
  • cmar_FemaleBottom_NoCAS_Patched.package
  • Any other default replacement penis mods (if you're using this one)
  • Any other default replacement nipple shape mods (if you're using this one)
  • If the penis doesn't appear, remove any nude clothing mods
If you have two penises or the penis won't morph, it's almost guaranteed you have another penis mod installed.


Updated 7/18/17: Texture mapping changed to avoid top colors showing up on the penis. With many tops, especially long tops or jackets, the shadow will show on the penis. With a few tops the colors may still show. Short, tight tops are best. At this time this is unavoidable. 


  1. Found this today, sweet! Thanks so much for all your work. Hope your health stays un-problematic. I installed uncut, I do not have a male skin file (do have cmar_female v2 skins). If male Sim is wearing a top but no bottom, top colour/pattern is showing on upper part of penis. No top, no colour. Shows same in CAS and in game. Thought I'd let you know. (but who wears top no bottom?) Windows 10.

    1. Thanks for the good wishes! Thanks for reporting this - I know exactly what the problem is and will upload a fixed version in the next day or so. :)

  2. Thank you! Fashion great! Only the percents in the clothing menu are not displayed, and the color of the penis changes when wearing outerwear

    1. Do you mean the presets? They show in the body menu, the same place where you pick skin color. I'm fixing the problem of tops showing on the penis, but some long coats etc used as tops may still cause a problem.

    2. Thank you! You helped me. Excuse me I thought that they are in the clothing menu in the trousers category. These presets are only available when creating a new character, but it does not matter))), for this there is a cheat code for the CAS menu. Good luck in your hard work.

  3. Hey, great mod! There is one small problem: the female wears their basic pants while nude, which looks kinda silly. Would you happen to know a fix? Thanks in advance!

    1. I've added two downloads, underwear removers for the black (male) and salmon (female) EA underwear. If you're seeing custom pants when the sim should be nude, you'll have to figure out what package they're in and take it out.

  4. Very good, thanks again for making your work even better. I wish the best for you.

  5. Thank you very much! This mod is absolute perfection and works flawlessly in my game. The only thing I'm curious about is whether or not it is possible to give the penis some texture and colour in the future? I'm a Simmer who loves to create Sims as realistic as possible so I'm just asking. :)

    1. That's something I definitely want to do next. If my idea for it works it'll mean custom skintones but hopefully a better appearance.

  6. Thank you very much for this mod. The colors seem to be working fine after the recent update.

    I had some requests/questions. I was playing with the mods and wanted to know if it would be possible for the no-penis bottom for males and breast sliders for males. Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out these mods using the S4 studio but then again I am very new.

    Thanks a lot and I really like your work.

    1. The no-penis option can definitely be enabled for males in masculine frame. I think breast sliders can also, but would only look reasonable when using tops originally made for females. I'll look into it.

    2. Thanks a lot.

      I was wondering how the clothing system worked in sims 4.Is it not a texture in top of the normal nude mesh. It seems like a pain for each clothing to come with its own mesh for the top. I did work with cas tools and this seems to be the case.

      Please let me know if you find a nice work around. I think the easiest would be to make the sims prefer feminine clothing.

  7. Hey Cmar I told my sim to go take a shower and when he changed, he was not naked, he had the basic black underwear on and that was it. I tried using the "RemoveMaleUnderwear" but it still did not help me. My girl sim fine but my male is not. If you have time could you fix it


    1. Please look in the original Anatomy Mod post a couple of posts below this one. There's instructions there for how to reset a sim's bathing outfit.

    2. OMG thank so much i would give anything for helping you are the best GUY OR GIRL EvERRR

  8. Excellent work! Do you think a similar slider would be possible for the male bulge (underwear, swimwear, jeans, trousers, etc.)?

  9. Thank you for your mod. I am using an uncut on a male with a male frame. The penis shows when just using the male leggings from the fitness pack. The genitals take on the colour of the leggings but are otherwise exposed. This is such a fantastic mod that it really doesn't matter but I thought you might like to know.

  10. Thank you so much for these MODS. The only thing i can't get is why my female Sim is able to be naked in CAS but when she showers she has a bra on. I downloaded the MODS here plus the earlier one for nipple color. Did i do something wrong?

  11. hey cmar is there a way to edit a morph programmatically rather than frojm cas screen

  12. I need your help, cmar.
    First of all, great work dude, great work;
    But is there any possible way making the penis bigger?
    Bigger than the max slider range?
    And if there is, how do I do it? Do I need to multiply the slider values?

    Hoping for a respond, thank you. Keep doing what you're doing
    Much love

  13. Hi cmar, your mod is great, but I get a bit of a problem: only the lower part of female sims are exposed, the boobs are still covered with salmon pink bra, but when I apply the underwear remover, the upper part of sims body just disappear when change into nude.

  14. is this going to work with WickedWhims?

  15. I've downloaded per the instructions; however, my male top shows up as invisible when he is nude. So I'm trying to figure out if I did something wrong or if there is a male nude top mod? Thanks!

  16. Hey! First of all, thank a lot for doing this <3 I found this today and download it and followed all the instrucctions but the game crushed and it didn't open. I downloaded Uncut, nipple and bottom female. I tried using just one at the time but the game didn't open anyways. (I have windows 10 if that means anything to you.)

  17. Hey cmar for some reason female sims are still vearing that vanilla bra when naked and those underwear remover mods didnt work